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2018-19 winners

  • 4A17D2B7-6975-4C07-9EA3-D21F5BB2FFAE
    Kyle Vahlenkamp
    Grand Champion
    Tunnels Co Livestock Show
  • E7929171-54CE-4D7E-8BB9-4985F65BF29D
    Kyle Vahlenkamp
    8th place Goat
    Houston Livestock Show
  • 45B24BE5-842C-4F1B-8B57-C43263A703D1
    Kyle Vahlenkamp
    Reserve Champion Southdown  Breeding Ewe
    Heart of Texas
  • C6F30122-A47B-4E5A-A329-4B06D744F494
    Kyle Vahlenkamp
    Reserve Division Champion
    Heart of Texas
  • 306CE658-A88B-4475-92D8-4E35DE0265AD
    Hannah Smith
    2nd, 3rd and Reserve Champion Senior Showman
    San Antonio Livestock Show
  • 627D6532-73C4-4B5A-BA9B-146F02167A34
    Hannah Smith
    Two 1st and one 2nd
    San Angelo Livestock Show
  • vahlenkamp
    Rylee Vahlenkamp
    1st place
    Star of Texas Livestock Show
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