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Over the years I have been very fortunate to help multiple families in showing sheep and goats. I have tried so many different feeds and have always tried gaining what I wanted out of different feeds and additives. Through those years I have learned it’s not all about what is the best feed but just a solid type of feed program. Everyone you talk to will tell you something different about why they do or don't like a certain feed. I will tell you what my number one thing is---- freshness. I truly believe the freshness changes how well your sheep or goats stay on feed, and for that I feel Jacoby’s has truly been the feed company that keeps the freshest feed out at the time when most needed. The other thing is not about all the types of supplement to be used--- it truly comes down to true “water and feed”!!  We as a family, have tried so many different things in our feed program and will say it shows in how we have done over the years.  So thank you to Jacoby’s for always having fresh feed and helping keep our show stock on a great high quality feed. What a year for us and congratulations to all the other families that feed Jacoby’s.

Gary Roschetzsky




“We have fed Jacoby feed to our lambs and goats my entire show career and have never been disappointed.  Jacoby delivers quality and consistence every time which is so important to their ruminant digestive systems.  Jacoby is a feed you can always trust to do your animals right.  Thank you” -RICK, TRACYE & TRES SPENCER


“All we feed is Jacoby Feed from day one.  Our lambs do great on Purple Tag as a creep feed and then we switch to Red Tag.  From rams to ewe lambs to pregnant ewes, this feed has always worked well for us in any situation”-KIERSTEN REED


“Jacoby's Feed Program has been amazing and has helped in our showing program tremendously.  Our family has formed great friendships with Jacoby's and we could not be more happy with their program and store” -NATHAN HALL


“My family and I have been feeding Jacoby for 20 years now and we are so grateful to use this feed.  I feed Red Tag and Pink Tag and will continue to use this feed until I graduate!” -TREVOR GIBBS


“This year I fed my market goat Jacoby Pink tag! I was very pleased with the result as it showed at the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show where I won the class.  I have been feeding Jacoby feeds for the past three years and I must say, I am very happy with the results it shows and gives my animals.  I strongly recommend the feed to other showmen! Thank you, Jacoby Feeds!”-ALYZA SALINAS


“Thank you, Farmersville Grain for supplying the Jacoby feeds for my show goats/lambs.  I have found much success over the past 9 years while feeding Jacoby feeds---rounding out my senior year by making the sale at every Texas major and winning the Overall Reserve Grand Goat in Collin County”-KENDALL CARPENTER




“Finishing my show career on such a high note is, most definitely, a blessing.  After sixteen long years, I am happy to say that every drop of blood, sweat, and tears was worth it.  Thank you, Jacoby Feed for being there throughout the journey!” -JACE WILKE


“Our gilts LOVE the Ralco from Jacoby's! It smells delicious and must taste great too.  Thank you Kayla and Jacoby Feeds for helping us drive this special girl to the backdrop and into the sale ring at the 2nd annual Texas Elite Gilt Showcase!” -MACK DAVIS


“We had an excellent first year showing at the Majors.  Thank you Jacoby's for a feed we can depend on to get our animals to their peak level of competition.”-ROYCE COOK


“Earlier this year our cattle were not performing to the best of their genetic abilities.  We saw that Jacoby had released a Longhorn Ration and switched over quickly.  Within a month or so we began to see results.  Our bulls began to put on more muscle and our cows began to fill out also.  Soon we began seeing progress in placings at shows and I won Grand Champion Mature Female at the San Angelo Stock Show with my cow, Shavvera”-RYLIE MCGOVERN


“We have tried several feeds over the years, and really love the results we get from Jacoby! If you spend the money to buy champions, then feed them good feed!”-KAYLA MCAREE


“While the feed does a great job on our animals, the quality of service is also equally as good and important to us.”-CRADDOCK FARIS


“Steer 6 has been instrumental in the development of our show cattle.  It is consistent and keeps the cattle in the condition that prepares us for major shows all year long.”-BRYAN BENSON


“My family has been feeding Jacoby Red Tag from the very first time I started showing until I walked my last lamb in the ring as a senior.  This feed has always been consistent and fresh.  It has helped put me in the winner's circle time and time again.  Thank you, Jacoby Feeds”-GRACI PHILLIPS


“We always purchase our feed directly from Melvin---nothing like fresh feed, and, of course, visiting with Mike and maybe an occasional delicious breakfast”-TERESA TRIPLITT


“I love Jacoby Feed! My goats gain well on it and I never have issues of them going off feed.  I appreciate the great service that we get in the store and love Mike! Great feed and great service!”-JENNA MCDOUGALD


“AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Thank you so much, Mike Garcia (sales manager), for taking care of our rather large order.  Additionally  thanks to the ladies at the cafe for an exceptional lunch and service.  Delicious!”-TRAVIS HAWTHORNE


“Jacoby's has always been a key part of our program in producing champion market lambs”-BAILEE SANCHEZ


“Jacoby's Feed Program has been amazing and has helped in our showing program tremendously.  Our family has formed a great friendship with Jacoby's and we could not be any happier with their program and store”-NATHAN HALL


 “We have been feeding Jacoby Feed and showing Junge sheep since we started 10 years ago.  We have purchased, shown and hung banners from many breeders including Jennings, Forsee and Flanagan Southdowns.  Good breeders and Jacoby Feed has led us to many banners over the years! We have been pleased with how easy it is to feed and have not ever had a sheep go off feed.  Not only do we feed it to our show string, but we feed it to our breeding ewes out in the pasture.  Jacoby has done us well.”-COLE MILLER


“Thank you, Jacoby Feed! This is our second year feeding Jacoby, but our first year showing at the State Level and we truly believe it's because of Jacoby Feeds that we walked away with the Reserve Grand Champion Doe at the State Fair and the Grand Champion Doe at the Kansas Jr Livestock Show.  We use Pink Tag and won't change a thing for the upcoming show season.  Thank you for helping us to be competitive!”-LARAMIE BRUCE and family


“This is the best feed that I have fed in my three years of showing.  This feed helps with the flaws in my animals and it shows the bloom in them and gives them great cover.  This is by far my favorite feed”-RIKKI HOLLOWAY


“This is our third year showing goats and first year showing lambs.  We are feeding Jacoby for the first time after seeing the results from other exhibitors feeding your product.  The animals love it and it obviously works with proven results!  This is by far the best year we have ever had”-TROY SANDOVAL


“I have been feeding Jacoby Red Tag for the past 7 years.  The goats love it and the results that I have seen are great.  I also appreciate the help that I get if I have questions regarding the nutrition for my goats.  Mr. Drennan has always been helpful with the many questions that we have had over the years.  When we feed Jacoby, we know it is more than just a bag of feed” -KARSON GOATES


“Thank you for producing such a great feed.  I truly believe that Jacoby Feed played a major role in turning around a sick lamb we gambled on.  First time in the ring and we walked out with class champion.  I will drive any distance to get Red Tag!” -KANNON TRAVIS


“Coming from the show pig industry to the show goat industry, has truly been a learning curve.  Without Jacoby Feed, we wouldn't have had the success in the show ring.  Jacoby Feed is a consistently palatable feed, that adds mass while keeping a consistent weight gain.”-ALLISON WHEELER



“Thank you, Jacoby Feed!! For two years in a row your feed has helped to turn 2 lottery lambs into winners.  Last year Jacoby turned a sickly failure into a thriving lamb who was able to take 4th in its class and this year a champion.  Thank you for making a quality product!” -MIDGE and RICK MOHLER


“This is the first year using the Ralco feed---we have seen amazing results! We have 7 goats on feed and all have placed in the top three at every jackpot this summer.  Our hogs have never gotten off feed!  We highly recommend Ralco Feed by Jacoby!” -STEPHANI SHAFER-HARDY


“We swapped over to your feed back in September and haven't looked back.  It's an awesome feed and here's the proof it is working in Mississippi.... I drove 12 hours to pick up feed straight from the mill and it was worth every mile!”-MATT TINGLE


“We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you guys making such a consistent feed.  We have been so successful and we are excited to see what we do in the spring.  We have 12 Hampshire and Suffolk sheep currently on your feed.  We were one of the families that requested that Dillard Feed in Weatherford start selling Jacoby feed and we have been feeding it ever since. We also really enjoy receiving jackets and look forward to seeing what the chairs and vests look like.  Thank you for supporting the youth.”-DILLON CHILCUTT


“Living in a Metropolitan Area it is hard to find a feed that is fresh, readily available and provides the nutritional needed for animals.  My family has switched feed brands three or four times in the last eight years trying to get a fresh, quality and consistent feed.  We were making the switch again when we settled on Jacoby at the recommendation of a friend.  I am sure glad we did.  Ask anyone that has ever tried to feed a show animal in southeast Texas how hard it is to feed during summer months.  The heat and humidity just kills any appetite and makes it hard for any animal to be pushed for a September show.  This was not an issue this year.  From the day this lamb walked into the barn until the day he left, we never had an issue with him wanting to eat the feed placed in front of him.  This made me a believer that a fresh quality feed makes all the difference and that is what we found by making the switch to Jacoby.”-BRITTYN WALKER


“We have been using Jacoby Red Tag in our goat program for over three years now and expect great results every time.  Thanks to Jacoby for making a great feed with great results” -BROOKLYN GILLELAND


“Jacoby Pink Tag puts the right amount of finish on our show wethers.  We feed it from the time we buy our wethers all the way through to show time.  No additional supplements needed” -JAXSON WILEY


“My family has used Jacoby feed since I started competitively showing goats in 2015.  Other feed competitors do not compare to the quality of Jacoby Feed.  When other show competitors ask what I feed my goats, I proudly say, "Jacoby Red Tag!"  I also love the family-owned business that Jacoby represents.  I plan to continue to use Jacoby feed as long as I am feeding livestock.  I won 2nd place at the State Fair of Texas in 2018 and can happily say, "Champion goats eat Jacoby Feed!” -RORI EMFINGER


“We have been feeding Jacoby for 7 years.  Year in and year out we feed high placing animals.  You CAN'T GO WRONG with a quality ration!” -JACE WILKEY


“This will be the eighth year in a row that Jacoby Feed has fed my projects; the success we have had with it is tremendous.  Unfortunately, this is my last year exhibiting livestock, but I will HIGHLY recommend this feed to any new and upcoming showmen.” -KLAY DAVIS


“Thank you, Jacoby Feeds, for producing such high-quality feeds.  We have fed Jacoby Red Tag to our show animals for many years and year after year it produces great results!” -LANDRY BARTON


“Great feed and great people who love to educate as well as reward kids who love showing” -CARRIE HARRIS


 “Jacoby's has become a staple for us, and we have had great success.  We would never think of using anything else but Red Tag.  Thank you for making an amazing product for show animals.  We are very blessed to have had a winner this year!” -KOLBY BRUHN


“#1 feed on the market! Just doesn't get any better than Jacoby's!”-JASPER TRIPLITT


“Jacoby's has always been my family's go to feed from start to finish.  We always start with the legendary Red Tag and adjust to BMW or Pink Tag along the way.  We love the fill and cover that it provides for our show goats.” -KHYLI HOBBS


“I am approaching my senior year and reflecting back when I started in the goat business.  One of the best things that has helped me to be successful was when I was introduced to Jacoby Feed and the people behind it.  I can't imagine my family feeding anything else.  Thank you for believing in the livestock industry and thanks for believing in and supporting those of us who have chosen to be a part of this awesome program” -GRAYSON HARRELL


“This is my son's second year to show, his first year to feed Jacoby and his first win at a major!!  The goats ate so much better and looked and handled great!  Definitely a product we will continue to feed.  Riley is following in his big brother's, Taryn Titsworth, footsteps who also proudly wore the Jacoby jacket while showing lambs.  Thanks, Jacoby's!” -LORI TITSWORTH


“This is the first year I have fed Jacoby feeds.  My goats had steady weight gain, never went off feed, and were finished correctly at the time of the show.  The best thing was that my goats did not stress at time of travel or bad weather.  I am a true believer in Jacoby Feed.” -SAMUEL HILL


“We love Howard College Goat Camp and its sponsor, Jacoby Feed.  I loved getting to hear my daughter, Kently, tell people how easy it is to feed Jacoby: ‘With a complete feed you just have to measure and dump in their feed pans.  Spend your time working your animals, not making a feed recipe!’” -KENTLY NORTHCUTT



“Year after year after year, Jacoby has delivered with their excellent show feed.  As feeders, exhibitors, and parents, we could not be happier with the end results.  Thank you for always providing the best quality of feed for our animals.” -CARLOS BARRERA



"I cannot say it enough that Jacoby Feed is always consistent, and the customer service is second to none.  Mike and the guys at Melvin treat you right and take care of you from the moment you call until the second you pick up your feed.  Thanks, Jacoby’s, for everything you do!” -ASHLEY HANN


"Jacoby Feed has been a huge part of my success over the last years.  I am so grateful for their quality feed, but more importantly their personal interest in my success and growth.  I have always felt as though I am more than just a customer to them.  Thank you very much for your commitment and support to all the Ag youth like me" -ROSS SYLVESTER


"We have fed Jacoby Feed for several years.  It excels in palatability and freshness.  The consistent results in the amount and smoothness of finish we see on our lambs makes it superior to other feeds on the market." -PEYTON ISOM


"Excellent feed. Lambs really like it and stay on it. This is our first year to feed Purple tag and this is the best we have ever looked. Our lambs rumen function is much better so consequently we have much healthier lambs and more muscle production. We are very excited about the overall condition our lambs on this feed."- SYDNEY C.



"We began using Jacoby's pink tag show feeds this year and it has been the best move we could've made. We haven't had any problems with goats going off feed and our rate of gain has increased. Thank you for improving our program."- TARYN M.


"We have been using your feed for 2 years now and have seen huge improvements in our goats. We have no problems with our goats going off feed and goats growing at a great pace. We have competed at a higher level now that we are feeding your feed. Thanks for helping us reach our goals." -AUDREY B.


"We had issues with another feed we had been feeding so we decided to make the switch to Jacoby’s. After weeks of feeding the Jacoby’s feed, I noticed a huge difference in the quality of my lambs. That was years ago, and I have been a loyal Jacoby’s customer ever since! The textured feed is great for wet feeding, ensuring that my sheep stay hydrated, and the variety of feeds is great. I have used the red, pink, and purple tag feeds with my show lambs, and also the blue tag feed for my ewes and weening lambs. The Jacoby’s feed has benefitted my sheep for years, resulting in a first place with a ewe at the State Fair of Texas Wether Dam Show."-BAILEE M.


"Outstanding Breeders and SUPERIOR FEED make for a Champion Goat! Thanks, Jacoby Feed for helping me bring home a banner!” -KODA D.


"We started feeding Jacoby to our animals this year after hearing great things about it at a GOAT CAMP I attended in Big Spring, Texas. We noticed great results with Jacoby. I even got Reserve Grand Champion and believe it had to do with this feed. We will continue to use it with my animal projects" -STEVEN R. 


“I want to thank Jacoby Feed for producing such great feed.  This was my son's second year showing.  We attended the Howard College Goat Camp and also went to a few jackpots this summer, which I feel all contributed to his confidence in the ring and day to day dealings with his goats.  Last year the best we made in a show was 5th, and this year at county he won his first belt buckle with Reserve Lightweight Market Goat.  Again, thank you for producing such a GREAT product that we will be using from now on.” -LINDSEY P.