Jacoby Feed & Seed
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Melvin, TX


"I cannot say it enough that Jacoby Feed is always consistent and the customer service is second to none.  Mike and the guys at Melvin treat you right and take care of you from the moment you call until the second you pick up your feed.  Thanks, Jacobys, for everything you do! ---Ashley Hahn



"Jacoby Feed has been a huge part of my success over the last years.  I am so grateful for their quality feed, but more importantly their personal interest in my success and growth.  I have always felt as though I am more than just a customer to them.  Thank you very much for your committment and support to all the Ag youth like me"----Ross Sylvester



"We have fed Jacoby Feed for several years.  It excels in palatability and freshness.  The consistent results in the amount and smoothness of finish we see on our lambs makes it superior to other feeds on the market." ----Peyton Isom



"Excellent feed. Lambs really like it and stay on it. This is our first year to feed Purple tag and this is the best we have ever looked. Our lambs rumen function is much better so consequently we have much healthier lambs and more muscle production. We are very excited about the overall condition our lambs on this feed."  Sydney C.



"We began using Jacoby's pink tag show feeds this year and it has been the best move we could've made. We haven't had any problems with goats going off feed and our rate of gain has increased. Thank you for improving our program."

Taryn M.



"We have been using your feed for 2 years now and have seen huge improvements in our goats. We have no problems with our goats going off feed and goats growing at a great pace. We have competed at a higher level now that we are feeding your feed. Thanks for helping us reach our goals."Audrey B.



"We had issues with another feed we had been feeding so we decided to make the switch to Jacoby’s. After weeks of feeding the Jacoby’s feed, I noticed a huge difference in the quality of my lambs. That was years ago, and I have been a loyal Jacoby’s customer ever since! The textured feed is great for wet feeding, ensuring that my sheep stay hydrated, and the variety of feeds is great. I have used the red, pink, and purple tag feeds with my show lambs, and also the blue tag feed for my ewes and weening lambs. The Jacoby’s feed has benefitted my sheep for years, resulting in a first place with a ewe at the State Fair of Texas Wether Dam Show."

Bailee M.




"Outstanding Breeders and SUPERIOR FEED make for a Champion Goat ! Thanks, Jacoby Feed for helping me bring home a banner! Koda D.




"We started feeding Jacoby to our animals this year after hearing great things about it at a GOAT CAMP I attended in Big Spring, Texas. We noticed great results with Jacoby. I even got Reserve Grand Champion and believe it had to do with this feed. We will continue to use it with my animal projects"Steven R. 



I want to thank Jacoby Feed for producing such great feed.  This was my son's second year showing.  We attended the Howard College Goat Camp and also went to a few jackpots this summer, which I feel all contributed to his confidence in the ring and day to day dealings with his goats.  Last year the best we made in a show was 5th, and this year at county he won his first belt buckle with Reserve Lightweight Market Goat.  Again, thank you for producing such a GREAT product that we will be using from now on.  Lindsey P.