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Jacket Program

Jacoby’s 2016-2017 Jacket Program is now receiving applications for any shows AFTER May 1st, 2016. This year's program will be closing April 30th, 2017. Applications for the 2016-2017 show season will not be accepted after this cutoff date. For all shows during the summer, please check back in the fall for the new rules and applications. All jacket applications must be submitted through the online form. No requests submitted by phone, email, fax, mail, etc. will be considered!

Do I Qualify For a Jacket?

To qualify for a jacket you must meet the following criteria:

Your animal must be fed Jacoby’s Show Feeds.
You must have achieved one of the specified placings at one of the following shows:

Texas Major Shows: SandHills Stock Show (Odessa), State Fair of Texas (Dallas), Fort Worth Stock Show, Hill Country District Jr. Livestock Show (Kerrville), San Antonio Livestock Show, San Angelo Stock Show, Houston Livestock Show, Star of Texas (Austin) in the Junior Market or Junior Breeding Show

  • Overall Grand Champion
  • Overall Reserve Champion
  • Breed Champion
  • Reserve Breed Champion
  • 1st and 2nd Place

Local County Shows: not to include prospect or district/regional shows

  • Overall Grand Champions (Market Shows Only)
  • Overall Reserve Champions (Market Shows Only)

Texas Major Show recipients will receive a premium Jacoby’s jacket and will be eligible to apply for multiple jackets. Local County Show recipients will receive choice Jacoby’s apparel, with each exhibitor only qualifying once.

Out of State Shows: Due to every state having different rules, each out of state show entry will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

Any questionable entries will be reviewed by the Jacket Committee to determine eligibility and you will be contacted regarding their decision. Please remember this may take some time.

You must provide Jacoby Feed & Seed with a champion photo with a backdrop and a testimonial (some examples are available on the application). Please keep in mind that these photos are going to be used for advertising purposes so resolutions/pixel quality is important. We will not accept watermarked photos, cell phone photos, or other photos deemed unusable by Jacoby’s Marketing Department. Candid photos are great, but need to be accompanied by photos with a backdrop photo showcasing awards.

**By participating in the Jacoby’s Jacket Program, participant agrees that images and testimonials provided may be used in advertising by Jacoby's.